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Affordable Floor Refinishing

Our refinishing teams are experts in the detailed art and exact science of hardwood restoration, refinish and repair.

We approach every home and every project as professionals, ensuring we preserve, conserve and enhance historical authenticity, design and architectural integrity. Affordable Wood Floors will work with Albany Capital Region home owners, builders, designers, architects and other professionals to custom match existing wood, stain and finish in a small area or throughout an entire home, office or other space.

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Complete Refinishing

You can increase the resale value of your home just by Refinishing hardwood floors. In fact, 90 percent of real estate agents believe homes with hardwood floors sell for more money and 82 percent say they sell faster.

Screen and Re-Coat

Are your wood Floors in kind of good condition? Screening and Recoating could be for you. Less noise, dust, clean up, and time. Then youll have a fresh new surface that will hide surface scratches and lite dis-colaration.

Wood Floor Services

Professional Wood Floor Specailist serving the Albany Capital Region Over 5 years.

Complete Refinishing

We sand wood Floors Three times down to 1/8 of an inch or more in most cases. Plus Scrape corners, scrape under radiators, and air conditioners.


Apply Stain in a color of your choice at times showing complete samples during sanding with your choice of mate satin or high gloss polyurethane finishes.

Screen Recoat

Floor screening-recoating is done when the floors are in overall good shape and just need to be refreshed. It uses a floor polisher and sanding screens to accomplish the job.

Repairs & Installs

We Repair missing pieces of parquet, cracked and broken floor boards. Replace saddles door stops etc. Repairs est. On site.

Project Gallery

Real Pictures of some wood floor refinishing and repairs.

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